Our Vision
Creating something better

Our Vision

"Creating the future of dairy to bring health and inspiration to the world, naturally..." That is the vision of Arla. You can read about the different components of our vision below.

Creating the future of dairy

Part of our historical roots, our DNA, is our constant aim to progress and create something greater and better. Since the cooperative movement began 130 years ago, milk producers and colleagues have worked together to create a common future in the dairy industry. Their achievements over the years have laid the foundations for Arla Foods today, which is now one of the world's leading dairy companies.

Every day, we seek to improve and refine what we deliver and develop solutions for the future. These may take the form of new products and new inspiration for our consumers. New technologies and more effective ways of working. More value in the collaboration with our customers. Healthier and more natural foods. Greater social responsibility. A reduced impact on the environment and climate. Improved food safety.

We will not only follow others in the dairy industry - but also help to shape its future, and participate actively in developing the dairy structure of tomorrow and creating new trends in dairy consumption. Therefore, we will keep asking ourselves how we can set the standard for the dairy activities of the future. Are we first? Are we best? Can we research and develop our professional field even more than we do today? Can we challenge ourselves and each other more? We want to do our best and realise Arla's full potential.


Milk is one of nature's healthiest foods. In one mouthful, in an easy and enjoyable way, you can obtain a large number of the nutritious vitamins and minerals that your body needs every day. It is important that everyone is confident that we take milk’s health benefit seriously. We therefore make every effort to avoid artificial ingredients and additives, and to adjust the content of fat, sugar and salt to match the needs of consumers.

Our products play a central role in millions of people's lives - throughout their lifetime - and in the years to come more and more people will make our products part of their everyday diet. It is essential that consumers can trust the quality of food products. With the Arlagården (Arla Farm) quality programme, traceability and quality control, we have one of the world's best food safety systems. We take this knowledge and competency out into the world with us, for the enjoyment and benefit of millions of children and adults.


Milk represents infinite possibilities. Using traditional craftsmanship and new technology, we produce hundreds of products that each has their own unique taste and function - and we are continuously developing new products.  It could be a safe and nourishing meal for a baby. A tasty blue cheese for dessert. A protein-rich drink after active exercise. A natural cheese spread for a quick sandwich. A yogurt to settle the stomach. A little cream to make coffee extra special. Or a healthy glass of milk in a child's lunch break.

We have decades of experience with cooking and developing recipes for tasty and healthy dishes, and we are happy to share them. In our key markets, we have extensive databases on our websites with recipes for busy days, as well as festive occasions. So we are always at hand to provide inspiration for tasty new dishes.
We also want to be an inspiring partner for our customers in the retail sector and within the industry by cooperating and developing concepts and products that will help us to increase our businesses together. By taking the lead in the dairy sector, we want to inspire other companies in areas such as  environmental sustainability, corporate responsibility, innovation, cooperation methods, consumer communication and a whole lot more.

To the world

Our position in the global dairy market, and our relationship with customers all over the world puts us in the position where we can shape the future consumption of dairy products. More and more families can afford to buy food products of high quality, but their local dairy industry can-not always keep up with this demand. We have more milk than we can sell in the EU, so we have a perfect match. Our natural and nutritious dairy products can be used in many different cultures' foods, and will be a positive contribution to the everyday diet and welfare of millions of people.


By "naturally" we mean two things. It is completely natural for us that, in our position, we create the future for the dairy industry and the world's consumption of dairy products. We do this with focus on contributing to consumers' health, welfare and enjoyment of food. 

But it also means that we will do it naturally, and respect for nature in the entire supply chain from the farm to the table. We already produce many natural products and have high standards for the environment and climateresponsibility, and food safety. We are committed to taking even more responsibility and seek to be the most natural and sustainable global dairy company. This is what we mean by Closer to Nature™.

Yet it does not mean a return to the dairy production of years gone by. Instead, we will  use new technology to develop new ways of producing dairy products.  For us, sustainability means offering foods with the highest possible nutritional value, to as many people as possible, and using as few of nature's resources as possible.